Affiliate Marketing.

Using this method of marketing, one can develop quite a portfolio of income steams using very little if any, out of pocket money. As with anything, the more you invest the better your chances of success.

Affiliate Marketing just happens to be the sort of thing where time can be traded for cash. If you happen to have some money to start out with, all the better. If not, you are by no means excluded. Quite to the contrary. One can make quite a decent bit of money by simply telling others the virtues of "product x"

You don't have to like it or agree with it. People click this ad. That's just a fact. You can get an ad like this and post it for a few months, and let everyone else in the world affiliate under you.

Some methods just work.

There are several web companies that specialize in affiliate marketing, but qualifying for them can be a bit tricky. Below I have posted a link to one of the higher paying and easier to qualify for sites. It's not the site, but rather the company. For example: I was turned down by Citigroup mortage. They paid very well, $400 per lead, but my website does not qualify.

On the other hand The website below requires no qualifying. Find a product, and tell the world. Make as much as 75% of the sale. Have you been tempted by an ad? Chances are it was an affiliate ad. You can be that affiliate!

After you click the above link and sign up. This link here offers a vast wealth of knowledge on the subject. Watch and read everything you can on this site. I learned much from this man.

Don't be put off by the salesmanship. It is what they do! It's like trying to learn about cars from a carsalesman. They have more knowledge than most, and they will gladly TEACH you, but the reason they teach is to inform with sales in mind. Buy or don't these videos! NOBODY WILL TEACH YOU LIKE THIS!

If you want to learn how to "qualify" for the $400 per lead sites, this is the place to go.


there's a right way and a wrong way to do this, do it right and you could be well on your way to retirement.

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