Everybody knows something about something...

You can laugh this idea off or you can have an open mind and consider the following.

You are currently on the internet!

A.K.A. "The Information Super Highway"

People log on to learn stuff, people surf to find things out. Now in this multi billion dollar numbers game, you simply need to have something people can sink thier teeth into, and then while they are there, just like any other medium, (ever) place an ad in front of them.

THAT"S the short version. Even television has changed. Entertainment now has to be educational. And while you watch "build the poor folks a new house" you may notice all the sears ads or Ford trucks...or whatever.

So you learn about something, or write about something you know about already. If you don't know, you can really just google it, and in a few hours you can put together a glorified book report, in pdf format. and throw some affiliate links in it, and you're in business.

Now you might not get the results of one who spent a little time and put together a decent well thought out product, but let me ask you just one thing,

Who told you, you could not make a t.v. commercial?

why on earth do a small handful of people get all the money while the rest of us just sit back and watch all the ads and buy all the stuff. You can write a crappy book. Now that is not the goal!, but DO NOT put off doing it because you think it will flop. If good ads make millions and your ad flops and only brings a profit of ???

c'mon, these are giant numbers here, and please don't think I am saying you should go and make some junk either, that's not it. what I am saying is that you have just as much right to try as anyone else. And if it flops, work out the kinks and try again.

This is the internet. It's free. Give it a whirl. Make a pdf and start pumping them out, put a few ads in there from your very own affiliate account. sign up here if you don't have one already.

Don't know how to make a pdf?

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