this page will focus on ways to get traffic.

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some of the ways are obvious.

1. be bill gates

2. own yahoo

but for those of us that just don't "feel" like owning yahoo...there are other ways.


so here's a few ways to get traffic and they are sometimes a bit sketchy, so keep this in mind when you shop around. I mean after all there are several fairly large "pay to click" sites out there, and while the odd sale may take place, these are by and large not the best quality traffic sites.

what good is it if you get 10000000000 hit a day and not one person "acts" on what you have to offer?

so keep this in mind while you search.

there are several ways to get good targeted traffic, and this of course will always involve some sort of expenditure.

the free way is to build a really killer website all by yourself and get organic traffic based on first page rankings, not impossible, but not quite the peice of cake we have all been hoping for.

there are some relatively inexpensive ways to pay for traffic as well. these might be worth a look.

option number one, use a service that has support like this place, check out the site and you may decide this is the best option.

 option number 2 is:

try to find a place that allows you to target and yet monitor the results that you are paying for.

using key word advertising is a bit of hit and miss and can get quite expensive if you do not know what you are doing. If you are new to internet marketing, perhaps it might be best to leave the selling to the pros, and just focus on getting people to the pros website.

you can sign up for a free account by using this link:

then within this site search for a product, any product, you think looks good. then try to place ads for this in keyword search marketing. this is pretty basic. you can do the math on how much you will make and therefor figure out how much you can spend before you need to make a sale.

say you make a commision of $40 and you bid at a max of $.25 per click. this means you can get 160 people to look at that website. do you think one person out of 160 will buy it? if so you may have a formula for success.

here are some links to help you in your search for traffic.

no incentives or mechanized traffic