This is a disclaimer page. It's purpose is to tell the whole truth about things as far as I know.

I am Just a regular guy. I live in wisconsin. I got into this as a hobby, and after several years of "an hour here and 3 hours there" I had developed quite the knowledge base. It was at this point I began to spend at least some time, everyday online. My illness with the computer isn't the issue here though.

What I have learned is. Here's the Straight dope. (which btw, is a really funny website)

First of all,
You can make money online. However, it is in different forms and you really need to keep your mind open. I have a friend who makes arts and crafts and sells them on ebay, and for months I tried to get him into this, and he refused. He now makes about $800 a month. This is just using ebay. He still refuses to try any of the other methods. If he did, they would work, just like ebay works.

You don't need to be an expert, or even that good at anything. You just need to push the same combination of buttons the other guys pushed. If they point and click and make money, you can point and click and make the same money!

Now keep this in mind
Most internet money is made in small amounts, and is made doing things most people would think is "goofy" or "foolish". In fact I would venture to say you may have even seen one or two of these methods and wrote them off as not viable. Please do not overlook anything. If you can do an hours worth of work one time and get it to pay you $3 per month...and then you get out your calculator and multiply that by however many hours you think you can spare. Let's say 5 hours a week.
if you invest 5 hours per week and it only pays $3 a month per hour invested and you only work for a month...after one month you would have 20 hours invested and be bringing in $60 per month. Most folks would turn their nose up at this. If you kept it up for a year you would be bringing in $780 per month (5 hours a week*52*$3/month)
keep in mind there's no perfect numbers like that, but it's just there to give you an idea of how things work.

You need to make several streams and they may not be the largest amounts in the world but setting them up is the hardest part and maintaining them is nothing. After you have something established move on to another idea and "do it!"

Some "streams" take a bit more work than others, but they usually pay more. This website is designed and intended to show you several ways to get off in the right direction, and most of the ideas in this website are completely free, so you have nothing to risk and everything to gain.

From time to time you may see an idea or method that takes money to try, these risks are yours. They are not mine. Please use common sense when considering anything that costs money. Even ebay isn't free, but there's a time and a place to spend money on something. You may find some really great ideas on this website and some of them may cost money to begin, please weigh the cost and make sure the decision is something you can live with.

I found a supplier for swords. I saw them selling for $50 each on ebay, I could get them for $8 each, I thought it was a great deal, and it was, but in order to get them at that price I had to spend $4000. It would have realistically taken me over a year to get my investment back, and all that piecemeal. I can't afford to spend $4000 and then get $50 a week in return. But this is the idea behind most online methods. You invest time, and it pays off, in small increments over time.

If you wish to purchase products I have wholesale suppliers listed here on the site and there may not be any swords but you should find just about everything else under the sun.